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How Dangerous is a Furnace?

Furnaces are essential in every home in Minnesota. We appreciate them when they work to keep our houses warm during the winter months, but there is a dangerous component and huge responsibility to owning a furnace. There are even deadly dangers if a furnace is not properly installed or doesn’t have regular maintenance. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a professional to install and perform preventative maintenance on your furnace is important.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas that can’t be seen or smelled. Your furnace can leak this gas if it was not installed properly, or the furnace isn’t taken care of correctly. Signs of a gas leak are smell of gas (carbon monoxide is odorless, but a leakage may be accompanied by exhaust gases you can smell), pilot light frequently going out, or stuffy/stale air. Your furnace isn’t the only appliance that can leak gas, we always recommend having a CO2 detector to ensure your safety.


Cracked Heat Exchanger


Gas leaks happen when a heat exchanger cracks. What causes the cracking to happen is overheating. Dirty furnace filter, duct blockages, ductwork that is too small, or a furnace and air handler that is too large for your home. All these events can cause air flow problems, which causes overheating that cracks the heat exchanger. Modern furnaces are less likely to have this happen but should still have regular maintenance checks to prevent anything from happening. Because of how dangerous gas leaks are, if our techs find a cracked heat exchanger, they will have to condemn the furnace until it’s replaced.


Fire Hazards


If you do not have regular maintenance checks for your furnace, it increases the risk of having a furnace fire. Dirty filters, dirt build up, faulty parts, bad wiring, or a worn motor can all cause the furnace to overheat and start a fire.


Valor Mechanical wants to make sure you stay safe and warm. If you feel like your furnace needs a maintenance check or that it’s time to replace your furnace schedule an appointment on our website or give us a call: 507.218.8400