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Four Reasons to Schedule your Fall HVAC Inspection

Days are getting shorter, and the leaves are beginning to change color. This lets us know that summer is coming to an end and fall is well on its way. After a hot, humid summer in Minnesota, it’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever have to turn up the heat in our homes again. As you face the facts and wave ‘goodbye’ to summer, it’s essential that you schedule your fall heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) preventative maintenance. Read on to find out why – and how Valor Mechanical’s Preventative Maintenance can help.

  1. Ensure Comfort & Safety

Running your HVAC system for extended periods of time without routine maintenance can be a danger and health hazard to you and your home. Your HVAC system is responsible for keeping your air supply clean, safe, and comfortable. As we ease into the cooler weather and begin to spend more time inside, it’s more important than ever that the air circulating your home is not polluted with dust, dander, and mold. Therefore, your home will benefit from Valor’s routine air filter replacement and carbon monoxide detector inspection. Our team will ensure that you won’t need to worry about gas leaks, carbon monoxide issues, or other dangers as we transition into heating season.

  1. Increase Efficiency & Lower Cost

In the average home, heating and cooling account for roughly half of energy expenses throughout the year. Debris, dust, and dander can congest your HVAC system, forcing your HVAC system to work twice as hard, which causes a decrease in efficiency and a spike in cost. When you schedule preventative maintenance with our team, we make it our mission to lower your monthly heating and cooling costs – even going so far as to offer potential utility rebates.

  1. Prevent Repairs & Extend the Lifespan of Your System

Like a car, HVAC systems aren’t designed to last forever (and you wouldn’t drive your car for years without an oil change, would you?). Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding breakdowns and serious repairs, while adding years onto the lifespan of your system. Routine checkups give our team the opportunity to uncover leaks, rust, frayed wires, and corroded electrical contacts that may otherwise go unnoticed and lead to larger problems down the road.

  1. Take Advantage of the Timing

Since there’s no way to predict when issues with your HVAC system will arise, it’s crucial that you schedule preventative maintenance with the Valor team well in advance. You don’t want to wait for the day that it’s finally cold enough for you to turn on your heating system, only to find out that it’s in need of repair. Prioritize your HVAC tune-up in the fall to ensure it’s running smoothly for the entirety of heating season.

Valor Mechanical takes the safety and comfort of your family very seriously – we also know that your home is your largest investment. With our preventative maintenance plan, you can rest easy, knowing that your unit will be inspected, tuned-up, and running smoothly for the colder days ahead. We’ll stay on top of your system’s maintenance, so you don’t have to – that’s our promise to you.