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More Than a Business, a Family

“Relationships are the number one goal within the Valor family. We build relationships with honest and fair business dealings. This way of business builds trust…and trust is the principal foundation of relationships.” – Ty Bestor, President and CEO of Valor Mechanical

At Valor Mechanical, we bring honesty, integrity, and trust to every job that we do. We seek to always take our business to the next level, making sure that our clients feel like family. We want you to get to know and feel comfortable with who’s coming into your home. Our accomplished team listens to our clients’ needs, before we develop a customized plan for a solution. Because each of our clients’ needs are unique, we know the value in guiding you through each process from start to finish. Regardless of your project or issue, we’re dedicated to showing up and showing you the “Valor Difference.”

Born in a small, rural community in southeast Minnesota, Ty’s mission was to build his company on the same moral value of trust that he found in his small-town community. He leads a team that is not only experienced, dedicated, and driven to get the job done, but a tight-knit team on a mission to cultivate relationships with each client, treating them as they would treat their own family.

Think about your relationship that you may have with your car mechanic. You probably heard about them because somebody that you trust had a positive experience with them. You keep coming back to them because they were able to gain your trust by diagnosing a problem with your vehicle, having the knowledge to educate you on your car and its needs, then following through with fixing the issue. They most likely even informed you of ways to prevent further damage and warned you of technicalities to look out for in the future. By doing all this, your car mechanic was instilling the foundation of the expertise, security, and trust you need to keep you coming back.

This same trust, whether you’re coming to Valor Mechanical for residential or commercial services, is what you’ll receive from us. Our team is more than just a business, we’re a family – and we want you to be a part of it. Look to Valor for customized, cost-efficient solutions to all your plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs.