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Debunking 5 Common Myths About HVAC Services

There are plenty of sources online claiming to be HVAC “experts” that offer false information on HVAC services. For homeowners looking for factual information on how to best maintain your HVAC systems, this can be frustrating. To help clear the air, we’re debunking the top 5 HVAC myths.

Myth #1: Cleaning Your Filters is an Annual Task

Reality: Once per year is not enough. We suggest cleaning or replacing your air filters every 3-6 months. Over time, your filters can accumulate thousands of dust particles, pet hair, and other debris that floats throughout your home’s air. Keeping these clean comes with a variety of health and financial benefits. Clean air filters can help keep the lungs of those who struggle with respiratory issues or allergies healthy and strong. Consistent filter maintenance can also save you money by preserving energy and keep your systems working efficiently.

Myth #2: HVAC Maintenance Should be Performed Once Something is Broken

Reality: With regular maintenance, you’re actually helping to prevent things from breaking. Smaller, frequent inspections and maintenance are often cheaper than large repair projects, even though less frequent. For more information on preventative maintenance, visit our page on VIP Preventative Maintenance. We offer a variety of flexible and unique preventative maintenance plans to help keep your systems in check all year round.

Myth #3: Bigger is Better When it Comes to HVAC Units

Reality: Not necessarily. The size of the unit should always be determined based on the size of the area it’s cooling. Large units are undoubtably more powerful, but often unnecessary as homes don’t require such high levels of power to be cooled. If you’re debating which size is best for your space, ask our local HVAC professionals and we’d be happy to determine which size is right for you.

Myth #4: Always Cover Your Exterior Unit in Winter

Reality: This is typically an unnecessary task. Quality HVAC units are manufactured to withstand winter’s harsh weather conditions like snow and ice. Placing an air conditioner cover over your unit does not keep 100% of the snow and ice out, often proving to be a waste of time and money. Keeping your unit covered can also attract unwanted pests. Critters are often attracted to these covers as they create a warm, safe shelter to reside.

Myth #5: Your Self-Installed Energy-Efficient Unit Will Always Save You Money

Reality: DIY installation risks the chance of incorrect installation. Energy-Efficient air conditioning units must be properly installed in order to work effectively. Installing these types of units is not an easy task and should only be performed by an HVAC professional. Installing an HVAC unit yourself also often voids your warranty. Rely on a Valor Mechanical service technician for your next installation to ensure your unit is properly installed to help save on energy and money.

For more information on HVAC myths, maintenance, products, and proper care techniques, connect with one of our friendly team members at Valor Mechanical. We treat our clients like family by walking you through the service and only suggesting the best products and services that fit your individual needs.