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What Will Void my HVAC Warranty?

Warranty plans are offered with the majority of HVAC units to help keep your wallet protected from product malfunctions and damage. To honor your HVAC warranty, manufacturers require that you abide by a list of certain rules and regulations. To help ensure your warranty remains intact, we’ve listed the most common reasons an HVAC warranty may become void.


Failure to Register Your HVAC Unit

Once your unit is installed, you must register your HVAC warranty through the unit manufacturer. Registration must be completed within 60 days of installation to remain valid. This is often a quick and easy task and only takes a few minutes to complete.


Improper or Unprofessional Installation

Always rely on a reputable company for your HVAC installations. Trusting licensed professionals both honors your warranty and ensures your unit is installed correctly, as an improper installation may void your warranty.


Neglecting to Record All Services, Maintenances, and Repairs

Just like you keep records and receipts of maintenance and repairs on your car, you should hold onto all receipts and records for your HVAC units, too. This allows the dealer or manufacturer to know when and how maintenance was performed to ensure the warranty remains valid.


Failure to Keep Up with Annual Maintenance

Many warranties require HVAC units to be serviced once a year at minimum. That’s why at Valor Mechanical, we offer unique VIP Preventative Maintenance plans to ensure your units keep up with warranty requirements bi-annual professional maintenance procedures.


Replacing Components with Non-Branded Parts

Sometimes a “great deal” may end up costing you more in the end. For instance, replacing parts on your HVAC unit with “aftermarket” or generic parts may result in a voided warranty. Rather, to be safe, we suggest that you go directly to the unit’s manufacturer or dealer for high-quality components.


Non-Professional Tune-Ups

HVAC maintenance of any kind of not a do-it-yourself task. Any improper handling of maintenance techniques can cause significant damage to the HVAC unit, which is not covered under your warranty. Instead, rely on a team of professionals you can trust.


For premium, expert HVAC and plumbing services that will keep both your unit and warranty protected, rely on Valor Mechanical. Our personable team of technicians are on-hand to help service and answer your HVAC needs and questions.