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3 Ways to Keep Your Energy Costs Down When It’s Hot

Air conditioning bills can sky-rocket when temperatures soar. The sun’s powerful rays can cause your home to heat up and power your air conditioning into overdrive. To help prevent your systems from unnecessary work (and to keep your costs down) we’re sharing our top three tips to keep your home cool.

1. Close Your Shades

During warmer weather, it’s important to keep your shades closed in order to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into your home. On average, up to 76% of sunlight can enter your home through uncovered windows. This is counteractive to the service your air conditioner provides and often leads to unnecessary energy being spent on increased cooling.

2. Replace Your HVAC Air Filters

Muggy summer months cause your air conditioner to work long and hard at keeping you cool. Working longer cycles means the air filter is contracting more contaminants like dust, dirt, and pollen. Due to the increase in usage and build-up, we suggest changing your air filters once a month. When your A/C is running smoothly at maximum efficiency, your system isn’t overworking and you won’t be overspending on your energy bill at the end of each month.

3. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Are you wasting money by cooling your home when you’re not there? A programmable thermostat can help you spend less by raising the temperature of your home throughout the day based off a series of settings you program based on your schedule and comfort levels. For example, when you’re at work during the day or away for the weekend, you can program your thermostat to automatically increase the temperature of your home so you’re A/C can run more efficiently (and cost-effectively!). We recommend Armstrong Air’s Comfort Sync Thermostat, not only for its quality but you also get mobile access from your smart phone, so you can have the temperatures back down to your comfort level before you even return home.

The more tips you can implement in your home, the more money you can save on your energy bills when it’s hot out. Valor Mechanical offers installation, repair, and preventative maintenance on all types of air conditioning systems. Visit our services page for more information.