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Preparing Your Heating & Cooling Systems for Spring

Spring is right around the corner which means cleaning your house, preparing your yard, and inspecting your furnace and HVAC systems. There are several steps you can take on your own to ensure your systems are working safely and properly. Ease your mind (and your wallet) preparing your heating and cooling systems for spring.

Check your thermostat.

Is your thermostat working properly? A malfunctioning device can cause issues with your furnace or air conditioner.

Check the power to your furnace.

Is the power on? There may be a glitch in the breaker or the furnace is simply disconnected.

Check the power switch.

Is the switch next to your furnace turned on or off? In your furnace room, there is usually a switch near the furnace. Since the switch often looks like a light switch, it can be mistakenly turned off. If the switch does not turn a light off or on, it’s most likely the shut-off switch to the furnace.

Check the doors to your furnace.

Did you replace the door after replacing a filter? This door has a safety switch that turns off the furnace when the door is open. Double-check that the door has been closed properly when replacing a filter.

Check the filter.

When is the last time you changed the filter? Furnaces and air conditioners have filters that need to be replaced every 30 to 90 days.  Most systems will shut off if the filter becomes clogged.

Your home is your largest investment. Your plumbing, air conditioning, and heating systems are included within that investment. Just as your car needs maintenance from time to time, these finely tuned machines also require preventive maintenance in order to operate safely, efficiently, and effectively. Contact the experts at Valor Mechanical today to start preparing your heating and cooling systems for spring and learn more about our VIP Preventative Maintenance Program.