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HVAC System Issues in Commercial Facilities

Maintain the safety and efficiency of a commercial facility with regular checks and balances. Small HVAC system issues can lead to costly repairs if undetected. For that reason, we have listed out some common commercial HVAC system issues that may be affecting your building right now.

HVAC System Noise

Common ductwork sounds – such as booms, bangs, or pops – often occur right after a duct cleaning. However, if your vents or ductwork are making an excessive amount of noise, it may be a sign of a bigger issue. Broken air ducts, loose fan blades, or issues with the units themselves need to be addressed by a professional. First, determine the source of the noise and note if it gets louder near the unit. Then, call a professional commercial HVAC technician to properly assess the situation.

Air Quality

Stuffy or stagnant air in a building is just plain uncomfortable. Poor air quality could be a sign that your HVAC system is in need of maintenance. Common causes of poor air quality include dirty air filters, standing water in the ducts, or worn parts that are overheating. To avoid air quality issues, implement a routine preventative maintenance plan. With Valor’s V.I.P. Preventative Maintenance plan, you can rest assured that your facility’s HVAC system will function properly 100% of the time.

Billing Fluctuations

Check your utility bill. If it’s not consistent from month to month, your HVAC system may be to blame. An increase in energy usage is often caused by dirty equipment, faulty system components, or malfunctioning electronic controls. A LEED Accredited Professional can quickly identify issues with a complete and thorough inspection of the system. To avoid a costly surprise on your next bill, schedule an operational assessment today.

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