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Valor: Built on Integrity

“You are only as good as your word”. In today’s world, this phrase may not hold up as much as it used to. High integrity – an implicit trust that people can fully believe you actually mean what you say – is a trait that Valor Mechanical was founded upon. When Ty Bestor, President and CEO, founded this company in 2006, he knew success depended on an unwavering commitment to integrity, trust, and strong relationships, all with a high level of customer service. These are the building blocks that Valor Mechanical has utilized to create authentic connections with our clients.

Building trust begins with providing our clients the most educated and experienced team of experts in our industry. We listen to your needs and objectives, and then create a customized solution for those needs. Valor creates cost-efficient solutions by allowing our team to approach every project from an engineering-first perspective. Before finalizing mechanical numbers, we explore each issue and concern with the project team. The main constants among our technicians, engineers and trained craftsmen are experience, dedication and a commitment to Valor’s core values.

We practice honesty, integrity, and trust within our business. With each job, we strive to take those fundamental values a step further, treating our clients as family. At Valor Mechanical, our shared values are the foundation of our tight-knit group and we want you to be a part of it. Get to know who’s coming into your home. Meet the members of our family and experience the Valor Difference.