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Pre-Construction Services for Your Next Project

Valor Mechanical helps clients plan, analyze, and establish mechanical services needed for any project before actual construction begins. These pre-construction services are aimed at educating clients on what will be needed to make the project functional and financially sustainable. By working closely with you, our client, the end result will be a set of plans and specifications with no surprises and complete systems.

The experienced team at Valor Mechanical listens to the customers’ needs and objectives and then provides customized solutions for any project regardless of size, type, or complexity. We allow our team to approach every project from an engineering-first perspective which means our team is constantly working together to share expertise and recommendations that help make each project a success before the construction phase begins. The main constants among our technicians, engineers, and trained craftsmen are experience, dedication, and a commitment to Valor’s core values.

Pre-construction services allow you the advantage of having Valor Mechanical involved in all stages of a project. This will result in innovative solutions that are mindful of overall cost, sustainability, and performance for your project. From manufacturers, hospitals, office or apartment buildings to grocery stores, shopping centers, schools and hotels, our Commercial Division offers a full range of mechanical pre-construction services. Contact us today and experience the Valor Difference.