Top Tips to Prepare your Heating System for Winter Storms

When the cold starts to settle in, what changes are you making to keep you and your family comfortable? You have probably dug out those winter coats, added extra blankets to the bed, or even started wearing that extra pair of socks, but have you checked if your heating system in your home is working efficiently?

Your heating system provides the power needed to warm your home to a comfortable temperature for you and your family. Review these important tips to ensure your heating system is running efficiently during the winter months.

Check Your Air Filter

Cleaning out your air filter is the easiest task you can complete yourself to keep a clean and efficient airflow. If your air filter is visibly dirty, replace it. This should be done every 1-3 months for max airflow efficiency.

Clean in and Around Your Furnace

It is important to keep both the inside and outside of your furnace clean, as well as cleared of all items near your furnace that could be a fire hazard. Remove visible dust and debris, especially on the blower motor, as well as clean the space around your furnace or boiler.

Schedule Inspection With a Professional

Don’t know how to change your filter or clean your furnace or boiler? Or simply don’t have time? Put your mind at ease by investing in a preventative maintenance plan. Valor offers a variety of VIP Preventative Maintenance plans, including our VIP Heating plan, that your Forced Air Heating System running as efficiently as possible. A VIP membership will not only save you money in the long-run, but you will also receive priority scheduling for annual visits for performance and operational check-ups.

Follow these tips to help maintain a healthy heating system in your home and contact us at 507.218.8400 to set up a VIP Heating preventative maintenance plan.