What is the Valor VIP Preventative Maintenance Plan and why do you need it?

When you first get your new HVAC installed the first thing you want to do is schedule routine maintenance on the entire system. Preventative Maintenance will ensure that each component of your system is working properly and efficiently. As your heating and cooling equipment gets older it will need ongoing maintenance that includes minor repairs and part replacement. While it’s new, however, you’ll want to have it checked at least one a year to ensure that it stays in new conditions for at least a decade.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

The difference between HVAC repairs and HVAC maintenance is usually seen in how much money you spend for each. While Preventative care does not guarantee repair prevention, it does reduce the need for it, particularly in the first 10 years. On average home and business owners in Rochester will spend 50% less on maintenance over time than they will major repairs.

Preventative maintenance is the process of inspecting your heating and cooling system to determine if there are any damaged parts or components that are operating inefficiently. There are three objectives of ongoing maintenance:

  • Equipment Longevity – Routine care helps your entire HVAC system reach its life expectancy.
  • Reduce Repair Costs – Repairs are expensive. Maintenance minimizes the need for repairs on all AC components.
  • Energy Efficiency – A system in top condition will always perform better, thus, using less energy. The result for property owners is lower utility bills each month.

The Valor VIP Preventative Maintenance Plan

At Valor, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of heating and cooling products combined with dependable service that you can rely on. This is why we developed our VIP maintenance plan. We do more than installing your system. We also take care of it. Our plan is comprehensive and covers every part of your system including you main unit, vents, ducts, and thermostat. By enrolling in our VIP plan you receive valuable benefits and discounts on maintenance and repairs down the road.

Some of the features of the Valor VIP plan include:

  • Reduced monthly energy costs
  • Potential rebates on your utilities
  • Greater HVAC system durability
  • Problem detection and solutions

Ready to discuss a maintenance plan? Join Valor’s VIP Preventative Maintenance program by contacting us at 507-218-8400 or info@ValorMech.com.