4 signs your heating system isn’t efficient

When it comes to business expenses, few costs sting like that associated with heating your business. Every year it seems the cost to ensure your employees are comfortable during the winter month goes up. Although many business owners complain about the cost of warming their facilities, the problem could be that their heating systems aren’t efficient. Keep reading to learn how to determine if your system is inefficient and needs replacing.

Increased Utility Bills

An increased heating bill is a sign that your heating system isn’t as efficient as it should be. Barring rate increases, if you’ve noticed that your heating bill has increased significantly, then you can safely assume there may be a problem with your heating system. To pinpoint the problem, test other aspects that can lead to higher utility bills like inefficient windows or doors.

Room Temperatures Vary

When you are heating your business, the temperature should be consistent throughout your the building, excluding a docking area or warehouse. The area where your employees work should feel the same as other offices located throughout your facilities. If you notice a difference in the room temperatures throughout your offices, then you may have a problem with how the air is distributed through your business. The irregular distribution of air can lead to your system attempting to compensate for the difference, which can increase your energy bill.

The System Is 15 Years Old or Older

Heating and cooling systems didn’t begin receiving Energy Star labels until 1995. Beyond that, these systems weren’t in a lot of businesses for years after Energy Star began labeling them. As such, if your system is 15 years or older, you probably don’t have an energy-efficient system. Even if your system still works, you may find that purchasing a new heating system can save your business money and you avoid future repair costs.

The System Needs Frequent Repairs

If you have to make frequent repairs to your heating system, then it’s not working as it should. In fact, if you think about it, mechanical breakdowns are the result of a strained system. So, the repair isn’t the sign of inefficiency. The signal that your system was failing happened long before the mechanical failure.

At Valor Mechanical, we are the premier source for commercial heating and air. We have years of experience repairing and installing new systems for businesses in and around Rochester, MN. If you suspect your system isn’t efficient, give us a call so that we can recommend an energy-efficient system for your business.